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Basic Introduction in Interview

Basic Introduction in Interview


1. Tell me about yourself?

1.1 Sushant, Tell me about yourself.

* When they ask the question by mentioning your name as 1.1, then avoid answering starting with your name by saying “My name is Sushant …. etc.” Start from “I’m currently pursuing … etc.”

Tip: The more time you spend here the briefer the interview will be. Try to answer it in a very effective way including details only about you (not family).
My name is Sushant. I’m currently pursuing my B. Tech graduation 4th year in JNTUK Vizianagaram specializing in Electronics and Communication Engineering (with an overall CGPA of ___). And I am from Place.
Along with my B. Tech graduation, I’ve learned programming languages like C, Python, and Java. Learning these languages improved my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and further helped me to do a project on That. And I was one of the Coordinators of ECENTRA technical fest held in our college by our department during my 3rd year. Being a coordinator, I have learned to be patient working with a team and working under pressure. The role not only helped me in gaining knowledge but also in improving my interpersonal, managerial, and professional skills.

Apart from academics, I am a left-handed batsman and right-arm bowler in cricket. I was one of the

players during Inter-zonal cricket tournaments 20** – 20** and won 1st prize. I participated in college **** competitions and won *** prizes. I participated in workshops and district/state levels writings/exams/NPTEL and was certified with an A grade/won *** prize.

As a fresher, now I’m looking for an opportunity to secure an entry-level position at a progressive reputed firm driven by technology. So, I can expand and implement my knowledge and learnings.

  • There is always more than this to answer this question but if you are fluent, it won’t take more than 3 minutes to introduce yourself. By giving this much of a detailed description of yourself you are creating a first best impression since within less time you are able to express everything you want to speak of yourself.
  • Remember don’t mention any personal details like family and stuff. Give them a chance to
    know you even better by letting them ask you one more question as “Tell me about your

2. Tell me about your family?


Mine is a family of 5. My father is a ***** and my mother is a *****. I have two siblings, one elder sister, and a younger brother. The elder sister is married with two children and she’s a teacher. My younger brother is an intermediate MPC student studying 1st year. And we currently live in *City*.

  • After listening to you saying all this information about you one by one in a good manner with fluency. The interviewer isn’t going to stress you deeply on the next coming question.
  • Remember the difficulty level of every next question is based on the answer you’d give for
    the previous question.

3. What is your favorite subject?

-From now interviewer is obviously moving on to the technical questions related to your stream of study

  • Remember the interviewer doesn’t want to know the particular answer to the question “Differences between BJT and UJT” or “Why the earth is round instead of an oval shape just like its orbit” or “Why and how and when and where and what on earth would cause that to effect this”. He’s never going to validate your answer and give you points. He is going to check your awareness on a specific area.


Don’t sit in front of him and write a book on BJT and UJT. Explain what you know in 3 to 4 lines and let him know you are aware of that particular topic. Your objective is not to answer him, it is to talk to him and let him know that you are aware of what he is asking you. Don’t explain to him a whole lot of subject, he knows what you are doing and you’ll know what he can do next. So, keep your answers brief and clear.

You are definitely going to tell a subject name.

He is going to ask you questions related to the subject you tell him.

  • Don’t just tell him the subject that strikes your mind the very instant. Prepare one subject to save yourself for the moment.
  • He’s obviously going to go lite on you. If he doesn’t have that much of a grip on that particular subject. But you know you are f**d when he does have a grip on it especially when it comes to a core company. So, better be prepared at least one subject then you are fine either way.
  • But if you don’t know the answer to “Why an ant has two stomachs while humans
    have only one?” (just an example )

– Well, you may not be going to answer all of the technical questions (if you do, they’ll have to eliminate you sometimes, sometimes you are hired but that depends …… )
When you don’t know the answer
Don’t tell him you don’t know the answer straight away. Tell him you’d have
to see that topic again. This is how you cover it up. Not covering how to respond when you genuinely don’t know the answer to avoid awkwardness.
Sorry sir/madam, I cannot recall it at the moment. I would have to see that topic again. But I am sure I’ll learn that.

– That’s Nice –

4. What is your project about?

Well, there you go. You should be aware of the facts and details you mentioned in the
answer to the “Tell me about yourself?” question. He is going to ask about anything from your own description of yourself.
Well, I did a project on Digital Electronics. We were a team of 4 or 5. We did that during the 8th semester. The actual motivation to do that particular project is(***). My role in the team is(***). For our project we used (***) elements as main components, our project mainly is about(***) and we finally were able to get it completed within the
given time.
Don’t take this question as easy as that.
Maybe the interviewer is going to go deep into details of what you tell about your project
– Questions may be on components. Maybe on the working of the prototype. Maybe on advantages, uses, and development of the prototype. (I think they aren’t going to stress because of the way you have been expressing yourself or maybe they are going to stress that depends……)

5. What is the most stress full thing you’ve ever faced?

Well, this interview. (That’s a joke. But true. They know it too but you don’t have to
tell them that you are nervous).
– Explain one of those fest coordination things, the last stage of tournament winning, last day of project submission. Then it’s over.

6. Do you have any questions?

What not to do:
– Yes, I have a lot of questions.
– Yes, I have 2 questions.
– No, I don’t have any.

  • Telling them how many questions you got, is a bad idea.
  • Telling them you got a ton of doubts and questions, is a worse idea.
  • Telling them you got nothing to ask, is the worst idea. And asking him what is the salary, is the best or worst idea.


– Prepare some questions.
Try one of these (that I prepared myself)
1. Is there anything that concerns you about my candidature?
2. If I’m hired, what would be the initial challenges for me in this role?
3. What do you like the most working in the company?
* Three are the maximum you could ask. Don’t take revenge on the interviewer just
because you got the chance.
– This question is to analyze how interested and curious are you to get into this job.
7. There are so many

1. Why do you choose software/core?
2. Hard work or Smart work?
3. What do you know about the company?
4. What is the salary you expect? (Rare)
5. Are you planning on higher studies? (No.* if you want the job)
6. Do you have any other offers?
(Yes. *if you are for the interview experience.
(No. *if you are already having a job with less CTC)
(Yes. *if you are placed in campus placements unless your interests do really matter
to you that much)
*but remember you are taking opportunity away from someone in case of campus
(No. *if you want core but you already have a software job and wise versa)
And a lot more if you can Google yourself.
Some Things for The Benefit

1. Keep the conversation going and answer them brief and clearly
2. Do a self-interview once or twice before the original
3. Don’t act too smart (you’re proving nothing)
4. Be genuine and honest
5. Have a little smile
6. Be Yourself
7. That’s it.
You Got It. Thumbs Up. (Cuz I don’t know how to insert the Emoji for thumbs up) Break A Leg.


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